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Micro Markets are transforming on-site refreshment services, simply because there is nothing that compares to the convenience, product variety and overall experience. As pioneers of the Micro Market industry, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide a full range of comprehensive foodservice solutions. We are confident that you and your employees will be overly satisfied with your new break room experience.

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Traditional Vending Can Be A Good Solution For Some,

But For Others We Suggest Something A Little Different.


Shopping at A Micro Market Is Easy As 1, 2, 3!

1) Browse through the market and choose the items that you would like to purchase.

browse icon

2) Scan the items on our "state-of-the-art," self-checkout kiosk.

scan icon
3) Pay for items with a credit card, stored-value card, smartphone app or even your employee badge. Add value to your account at any time at the kiosk.Pay Icon


Employees browse, select their item, and then proceed to our state-of-the-art, self-checkout kiosk to scan their choice and pay. There’s no need to dig in pockets for cash or exact change, associates can pay using a credit, debit, smart phone, or stored-value bar coded key tag, which can be recharged at any time. Our custom designed wellness and loyalty functionality rewards employees for shopping at the market and purchasing healthy products by offering discounts on future purchases.

Onsite Refreshment Services Have Been Transformed - Forever.

There are significant advantages of having a Micro Market over traditional vending machines. Enhance your associate’s workplace environment by providing them with an inviting space to spend their break time.

  • Encourage employees to stay on-site during breaks by having an open, comfortable market environment that offers meal choices comparable to a high-end convenience store.
  • Micro Markets increase participation and interaction amongst employees, thus improving office morale.
  • Traditional vending machines can have “hung” products, lost money or coin jams, creating the need or employers to make continual service calls.
  • Sophisticated retail promotions, wellness and loyalty programs are available to enhance the customer’s experience.
  • The ability to touch items before purchasing and review the nutritional information.
  • Flexible checkout and payment options make it easy for anyone in your office to make a purchase.
Smiling young woman eating fresh salad in modern kitchen

Providing Today's Workforce With Premier Onsite Refreshment Solutions.

Since we are not limited to only items that can fit in a vending machine, the product possibilities are endless. Let us work with you to custom design a product mix for your employees!

Product picture
  • Deli-fresh sandwiches, soups, and sides
  • Breakfast sandwiches, pastries and cereals
  • Waters, teas, coffee, sodas, milk and energy drinks
  • Ice cream and other frozen treats
  • Fresh fruits and salads
  • Low-calorie, low-fat and healthy options
  • Salty snacks, candies, gum and mints


Simply Put, We're Different.

Our ADA compliant and UL listed kiosks are made of the highest commercial grade components available. Every kiosk is manufactured and assembled in the United States and is designed to withstand years of use in high-volume environments. A UPS back-up battery and power conditioner are standard in all kiosks, minimalizing the risk of your kiosk losing connectivity. Even for first time users, the intuitive interface is easy to use and understand. The audio and on-screen prompts guide users through every transaction, it can even speak Spanish and French! Customer service is important to us and that is why RIS News Leaderboard ranked our customer service a 49.1 out of a possible 50 points! If your market operator needs assistance with your kiosk or software, we have the largest support team on the market readily available to assist you at any time.


A Superior Customer Experience.

Every day, individuals and companies fall victim to credit card theft. We take security seriously and that is why our systems are PCI certified, the highest level of bankcard transaction security available.

  • Bank card transactions are processed in real time using an optional back-up modem if internet connectivity is lost.
  • Bank card information is fully encrypted and is not stored on the kiosk or server at any time.
  • Historical customer data is stored and managed on a private server.
PCI logo

Creating an Experience That Brings Customers Back Time and Time Again.

Customizable customer loyalty programs and dynamic promotion features allow us to align your Micro Market with your internal goals. Below are just a few of the ways we can create a superior market experience for your employees.

  • Our Health Points application rewards employees for purchasing healthy items. Health points can be redeemed toward future purchases of the same items.
  • Encourage employees to stay on-site during breaks by rewarding them for fresh food items with daily specials and discounts.
  • Dynamic Promotions keep employees engaged by creating exciting shopping experiences similar to retail.
  • Use Micro Market gift cards to reward employees for meeting internal goals and objectives.
  • Optional LoyaltyBot ™ eMarketing platform allows us to connect with our customers through email and other social media applications, helping enhance the overall Micro Market experience.
  • Optional integration with USA Technologies MORE ™ platform allows for online customer account management and seamless integration with traditional vending

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